Thursday, March 15, 2012

where did it go???

Well, tickets are purchased and we live in 4 days!!! We used all the money in the FSP for our tickets. I purchased tickets from JFK. WAYYYY cheaper!!! Now we just have to get to JFK!!! We need about 25,000 more miles and we can fly our Delta miles there. Ive been looking at all airlines to find maybe a last minute deal or something!!!! IF all else fails I have a great friend that can get me a flight out of Austin on her buddy passes and we will just drive to Austin and fly to JFK from there. We ARE OPEN TO ANYTHING!!! ??? !!!

We also need about $4000.00
. We have between now and Tuesday. I can honestly say I have not been worried about it at all, BUT...WHERE DID THE TIME GO! Seriously, where did it go!! 3 weeks fly by when you are working to make $$$$ fast. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little nervous today, BUT I also have an awful lot of faith so....

Ending this one short today, gotten chicken coops to build and a sick baby girl. :(
OH yeah, AND I have NO earthly idea what I'm doing with my kids while I'm gone, now THAT I AM stressing about!

Regardless of all the details, on Friday the 23rd baby Mila is MINE! I cannot wait!!!!


  1. HELLO! I told you your kids can stay here

  2. G can come stay with us if you need. I can probably keep H too if you need me too. Let us know.