Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We have 7 days....

Well, I've gotta book tickets TODAY! We will have 7 days before we leave to pick up our little girl. I don't wanna see an airplane again for a long time!

Trying to calculate expenses and add everything up. We will probably have enough miles for 1 ticket or to at least take some of of the cost, so THAT is good. We need about $4,000.00. I have several orders for chicken coops already and I havent even put them up for sale yet!!! I will be a busy bee for the rest of the week!!

If you would like to donate there are 2 buttons. For a tax deductible donation, click on Mila's picture on the Right column of this blog. If you don't care if it is tax deductible or not please click on the chip in button on the Left side of this blog.

We are so excited and so very grateful to everyone that has helped us in any way. THANK YOU!!!!!

We will keep you updated

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