Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Anyone have any Delta Skymiles AT ALL that they would be willing to donate would be so appreciated. W pick up our little girl in 17 days and are scrambling to get all the last minute funds together. I have always been such a believer of "What goes around, comes around"  I have been so blessed and humbled throughout this process. There are SO many blessings coming to so many people. I am so grateful to even know this many people who have touched our hearts and lives. Thank You so much, AGAIN

Here is the link to transfer or donate miles.

our SkyMiles # is 9205952733
Teresa Greeson

I think it is 35.00 to transfer miles....Let me know if you are donating and I will pay for the fee  or paypal you back the fee. However is easiest. 

I cannot wait until this is all over, so I can give back.

I am working on a video of our journey...I'll post when I'm done


  1. Hi, I donated 3000 Skymiles. Please let me know if the transfer doesn't show on your account or if you have any other problems with them - I have a confirmation email if you need it. Good luck!

  2. I wish I could help... good luck!

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  3. praying and praying and watching your story unfold for the last few months! im rejoicing to see that your final trip date is drawing soooo close and i wish i had thousands of miles to donate to your final trip to bring Mila home. But, my prayers will definitely be with you! i just can't wait to see that amazing video you are preparing. Thank you for so steadfastly fighting to bring your precious daughter home and blazing a trail for the families to come! i hope i can be one of them too. God Bless and keep your family, In His Love, Lynn Marie Portanova

  4. Do you know if it's possible to transfer KLM Flying Blue miles to Delta Skymiles? I know KLM and Delta are totally different airlines, but they are in some sort of partnership alliance (when I book on KLM to fly from Amsterdam to North America, more often than not I end up on a Delta flight). I am having trouble finding out that info via google. Maybe someone at Delta can tell you? If it's possible, I will donate my miles!!

    Laura Hughes