Friday, March 30, 2012

Texas, here we come

We are almost home! We had our U S Embassy appointment this morning. The lady that did our interview for Mila's visa was from Texas, so she was so excited to talk to us, and vise-versa. There was 3 other adopting families there. It was nice to be around other Americans. All the other adoptive children...all of which were Mila's age, were sitting quietly in their parents laps. NOT mine! She was laughing and walking from chair to chair to chair, and wanting to go all over the place! It was fun though. everyone laughed and got a good show. (Left me EXTREMELY excited for the plane ride home...should be a blast:)

We are at the Peking hotel. It is very nice. The rooms are very elegant, with ornate details.

I LOVE the breakfast here. There are several dishes I will be attempting to make when I get home.

Moscow and Krasnoyarsk are VERY different. Moscow is very big. A LOT of people are all crammed in here. BUT... There are a lot of beautiful buildings EVERYWHERE. The architecture is just stunning. I LOVE the colors of the roof tops.

                    Moscow                                             Krasnoyarsk
There is always traffic, and there are a ton of cars. I believe the lines on the roads are merely "suggestions".... we've gone 4 wide on a 2 lane rd MANY times. It is very different from America. (this is ALL of Russia, not just Moscow) Everyone is in a great hurry/rush all the time. I will be so glad to go back to podunky Leonard and take it slloowwww for a while.
Not to mention, Dawn, up at Sonic is probably getting a little worried as to where we are!!! (that's not a joke, she probably really is :)

It's been a yucky couple of days here. Mixture of snow and rain everyday. Its not near as cold as it was last time we were here, so that is good. I have gotten used to the cold. We keep our window open in the hotel and always have to open it in the taxis. I figured out the problem is that there is never circulating air. We are so used to ceiling fans and mobile fans and a/c and just air moving, that when you are somewhere where it does not move it is SO UNCOMFORTABLE.

Im so excited to hit Texas in the spring. (Feel like I've been gone forever) In Texas, around this time there are bluebonnets everywhere

 (Texas state flower) It is a wildflower that grows in huge patches on the side of the roads and fields and hills and everywhere.
There are always people stopped on the side of the road taking the "traditional family bluebonnet picture."  I keep getting these pictures from family and friends and I am ready to get HOME!!!
Here is my sister's family....
                                    (Hope you don't mind, Heather :)

As Texans this is most of our favorite time of year...before "Hell" arrives, also known as Summer.

The best part of this  post today:

 Passport......... "CHECK!"

Visa to America.... "CHECK!"


E-Tickets to go to America....."CHECK!"

One excited cutie patootie....



  1. She is so precious! I am so glad that you all are on your way home. :-)

  2. YEA!!! A big day for us today, too, as our US immigration approval came today!

  3. So, so happy for you! I am curious when Mila gets home if she will be as ornery as Phoebe :)

  4. We are from Texas as well and we have just started our process to adopt from Russia through Reece's Rainbow! I have read your blog and want you to know that I have been praying for your safe return with your new angel! Your family is beautiful and it is so obvious that there is a lot of love there! Our blog is if you would like to follow us! I also want you to know that the starfish story on your blog was the inspiration for our blog name and I also published it as well because it rings so true for this situation. God Bless!

  5. Congratulations of the adoption of your sweet girl!! We are fellow Texans up near Fort Worth and you are so right about the blue bonnets and about summer being totally awful!! It would be fun to meet if we aren't too far away!