Thursday, March 8, 2012

Getting CLOSE

OK so, We have a few people donating miles later this week. Exciting!!!  IF we get all the miles that we need, then we just need around 4,000 more dollars. My husband has been working so hard making money to get caught up and AHEAD on our bills from our extended stay last month. I was planning on chicken coop building today, I am building and selling backyard coops that come with egg-layers. Here is the first of many:

Selling them with brown egg layers and green egg layers.

HOPEFULLY the rain and storms will end soon and I can start up again.
I have acquired a firm and true testimony of FAITH throughout this process. You have to have constant faith and trust in the Lord through a process like this, because I don't believe it can be done on your own.
I have learned that I am much stronger than I ever thought I was. I can endure more than I thought I was capable of a year ago. My life is in no way organized. Never has been. BUT with this adoption I have kept it all together, and stayed on top of things.

We are supposed to head out on the 20th. We of course have not bought our tickets yet...My goal is to have them by Monday or Tuesday. We will arrive in Mila's capital city on March 21. How fitting. 3/21 is World Down syndrome Day. The 3 represents 3 copies and the 21 represents the 21st chromosome.
A chromosome that I have come to love and adore. I feel so honored to be chosen to be the mommy of one of these special triplicates.

I am MOST thankful that I was able to see the gift that I had been given. I see it, and I crave it. I feel so much joy so deep in my heart when I see this smile and feel the grasp of her tight little hugs. Sometimes I feel like she is gonna just burst , she gets so excited just to have me sit by her and love on her. What an amazing gift we have BOTH been given. I'm thankful that I was able to find my Mila, from the other side of the world. She will be able to let go, and simply BE. She will be able to LOVE and hug and kiss and run and be as goofy as she wants. She will get claps and pats on the back and tearful proud moments from a real mommy and daddy. She will have a safe haven at home and with all those around her who have been taught and educated and will never judge her by what she can't do-she will not know the word .....CAN'T. Her brother and sisters will love her and accept her just like she was born into our family. JUST LIKE they LOVE that little goober pictured above:)

Educate yourselves. Educate your kids. These kids are smart. They are willing. They ARE special.
I wish the rest of the world could see that too.


  1. I would totally buy one of those coops if we lived near you! I want chickens!

  2. I would love to buy one, too!