Friday, March 16, 2012


$2,000..... That is my goal by Sunday. ANY amount donated helps. You can hit the Chip In button on the left of this blog, or for a tax deductible donation click on Mila's picture on the Right side bar. I'm out of energy and drive. I was planning on a big fundraiser garage sale on Saturday, but I just can't do it. We are swamped with getting ready to leave, work, and the kids/house. Gathering paperwork, booking tickets (Thanks to some generous Delta donors, and all the miles we accumulated traveling overseas!)
SO... We put our farm truck up for sale last night, I don't have time to make any more coops.... Maybe just 1 more.
Finishing and delivering 1 this morning. My body is so tired!! I know it will all come together...I just  hope it happens b4 we leave.

 I'm excited to finally get our baby girl, but sooo not looking forward to this trip. I have so much to be thankful for though. I realized that there are some really amazing people out there with really big giving hearts. I firmly believe that those who give are blessed. When I say "give" I don't mean just money. Those who give their time, help, service, ANYTHING that helps benefit another.
I have also found that when you need something the most, is when you should give the most yourself. I have received had some amazing experiences with people throughout this adoption that I have either never met, are friends with, or are long lost friends. I truly believe that it is from giving. I know there have been many times that we were trying to make the money and fund-raise and have seen someone else that may need it a little more, or struggling with morale and have given what little we may have had..EVERY TIME it didn't take longer than 2 days and we were blessed double or triple or even quadruple!!  Tests of Faith and Trust. So hard, yet so easy.

I have some big Thank Yous to do when we get home. I'm looking forward to seeing those faces that helped us SO much. I'm looking forward to them seeing what they helped us to achieve. The life they helped us give this precious little girl. She only had a year and a half left in a baby home, then she would have been institutionalized and hidden away and all the light that she was sent down to Earth to share would have been gone. I am so grateful to those with our agency HERE and IN COUNTRY. They truly care about finding these babies homes. They give up so much of their life and time to help others. I hope they all know how much they are needed and appreciated.

I am feeling so many feelings as we draw closer to leaving. I don't have time in life right now to consume myself with worries. Worrying is not going to change anything, only change my attitude throughout the day. It's Friday!! I LOVE Fridays! The sun just broke away from the clouds and Im going outside to get ready to load up this coop, deliver it and come home and listen to A LOT of whining when I tell my kids that we need to clean the house:)

Thank You ALL.


  1. Love you friend! Can't wait for you to be home with Mila and all of this crazy behind you! :) Wish we could help you a little more...but a little is better than none, right?? :) XOXO

    Emilie & Abigail's Mama-to-be

  2. Praying for you during the last phase of your journey.
    Please let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do for you.