Friday, October 28, 2011


We are packing to head home.
The time change really messed me up blogging wise. I meant to blog every day.....
It is bittersweet today. I am sooo excited to see my kids. I cannot wait to hug them. At the same time, I have to leave someone that I absolutely fell in love with. It gives me great comfort knowing how much her caretakers love her. She is very well taken care of. They show her our pictures everyday, and they have assured us that they will let her know everyday that we love her and are coming back for her. I cannot post a long post, We have to pack for the airport. I have been informed we may be delayed at JFK due to weather, so I will post again if delayed. Here are a few recent pictures from the last 2 visits.

She makes the most beautiful faces! Her smile swallows up her whole face!!!

She LOVES daddy's hat. When we visit her she takes it immediately, puts it on her head and keeps it there the rest of the visit. We had to leave it there for her.

She also likes passing items back and forth by mouth. She kept wanting us to take the toy out of her mouth with ours. She would laugh sooo hard. below Gary is taking her little toy .. She thinks it is hilarious

Mila is an absolute angel. We cannot get back fast enough!!!

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  1. Hurry up and get that paperwork done. Maybe we can be there for some of the time together. Mila and Phoebe will keep each other company while we are gone.