Tuesday, October 25, 2011

She is amazing

How can you love someone so much that you just met. Gary and I both love her as if she was always ours. Enough with the writing...I'll just show you some pictures and talk later!!!!

Im trying to get the videos to upload...I may have to try again a different way.
She reminds me sooo much of Hope. She loves the mirror. She imitates people and gestures. She is beautiful. She needs a family. She changed just from the second trip. She began laughing, which I could tell she doesnt do very often because her laugh isn't very developed.  That will all change very quickly, because we laugh alot at our house. I will write more later about our visits. She is just amazing.


  1. She's perfect! What a beautiful friend Phoebe "Anastasia" has <3. That room brings back so many memories. I am so happy for you!! Tell Mila they will be together again, I promise! I can't wait until your Mila and my Phoebe and Isabella are home for good!!!! Lots of love to you all-tell Marina hello. Thanks for the update on my babies :)

  2. She is so CUTE! How wonderful that you can already see the changes in her. Zeb's laugh was new to him too. Yay that Mila finally has something to laugh about.
    Enjoy the rest of your visits.

  3. I LOVE her! It's funny because she actually looks like she is ya'll's kid. She resembles Hope a little bit. I just want to hold her--give her a big squeeze and a kiss from her aunt Kelly. I wish ya'll were bringing her home this trip!

  4. BTW-they must wear the same size because Phoebe has the same tights (the red ones)on in some of our pictures :)