Thursday, October 20, 2011

In 36 hours.....

.....We will be on our way to the airport! All I can say is IT'S ABOUT TIME! I've spent the day doing laundry and making sure I have everything I need to take. I had to make a new photo board book. The pink book I made Mila got wet! I dont know how. I had it in my backpack in the car..(with all the crazy wildfires that we were having left and right this summer here in Texas, I got into the habit of carrying my dossier, passport, and ALL important adoption document JUST in case a fire started while I was gone, and with the luck we have had...I wasn't gonna take any chances!) So I guess I set it down in something wet? or one of the kids spilled something on it? I dunno. Anyway, it got totally ruined. I just so happened to order another one, so thank goodness I had it. Turns out, I LOVE this one. I have not finished yet, still missing a few picture.

                                                  Here's what I've got so far:

And of course..she's GOTTA know....

                 She may not have been born here...but she's gettin' here as fast as she can!!!!

Had to put a blonde picture of mommy and a brunette picture...It changes often!

Still need to put another pic of Van

Need a pic of all 3 of her sisters here

Need to find a good one of Georgia...

My 2 angels 

Saving a place for our complete family photo

So she always knows...

So I'll be finishing that up tonight.

I have a dear friend that makes made each of my girls a ragdoll for their birthdays this year:

I absolutely LOVE these!! She even stitches their name on their hearts. Well, Mila's birthday is in November so she made one for me to take to her:

They are just adorable. She has been such a good friend to my family.

I have the photo book, ragdoll, jacket, and SO SOFT blankie to bring Mila. I've been sleeping with the blankie every night so hopefully she can feel me with her at night when she sleeps with it.

You can't tell I'm excited, can you????
I will take many pictures and update as often as I can!! 

 Jamie.....If you wake up Sat morning with a candle in your mailbox, It's because I dropped it off on my way to my sister's house...It is soooo overdue!!! 

and Lisa,

If I get the pleasure of seeing your sweet baby girl I promise, I will squeeze her tightly for you!!!

Hopefully next time I post I will be exhausted in Europe!!! :) 

And now, I leave you with my little "Hopagator"
I'm so glad we make it home in time for Halloween!!

(She crawls on all fours and growls when you call her a hopagator, so we HAD to make her an alligator for Halloween...


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  2. Don't worry about the candle. I can get it when you get back.
    Have a WONDERFUL trip and hug the two Marinas for me!
    Oh and Hopigator is too cute!

  3. what a lovely post..and what a wonderful family you trip..

  4. Yes, tell my EE family and our Marina's we will be back soon. Our girls are best cool is that???