Thursday, October 13, 2011


It's funny, with everything that has gone wrong and delayed this entire process, the only thing that went smooth and quick was... my "Golden Ticket!" Seriously, I had the most AWESOME case worker. I filed and had my 171-H approval within 1 month! That's crazy, especially this time of the year!!! So....The good news...We FINALLY go to see Mila!!! October 22! If I can get my ticket booked, apparently there's a cap on my transaction daily limit on my debit card, blah blah blah...I just have to laugh. The delays/obstacles would drive you insane without humor!!! Which none of this matters because we are leaving NEXT WEEKEND!!!
Soooo, gotta make sure costumes, and candy and EVERYTHING is taken care of BEFORE we leave. Which is gonna be a big change for this Last Minute Momma!


  1. Oh I'm so excited for you guys if I can help in anyway let me know. I can come get the kids for lincs party if you want just let me know. They are more then welcome to come to the trunker treat at our church too. I'm so dang excited for you guys. Take lots of pics!

  2. Thanks for always supporting us Em! It means the world.

  3. Oh so very excited for you to go and get her. I can't wait to see pictures of you with her.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)

  4. Oh Yay! A travel date!
    I hope you plan to post pictures and lots of them every day while you are there.
    And I'm close if you need anything this week.

  5. I can't wait to see pictures! Tell her to give her best friend a kiss from her Momma!