Friday, September 23, 2011


Dossier...On its WAY!!! Our paperwork is FINALLY on its way to Eastern Europe!!! Hopefully we will be able to travel the 2nd week of Oct!!!
The mommy in me is going CRAZY!!!! So I thought I'd share with yall the board book/photo album I made to leave with Mila. It's ALMOST done.

I hope she likes it. I'm gonna have to wipe it down really good before I go, because everyday it gets "Hope gunk" all over it!! She LOVES it! Soooo, I know it's toddler proof! Even better..Ds toddler proof!  I'm working on 1 more to leave with the orphanage, I'm really excited about doing that one!!!! 

I don't know the odds of finishing up this adoption before Christmas, or even this year....but I really hope and pray that we get to have each other for Christmas. The odds are slim, but nothing is impossible.

So not only did I experience one of the hottest Texas summers on record...I also get to experience Siberia in the dead of winter....

This whole year has been AMAZING. I hope it ends that way too!

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