Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dossier...en route!!!!

Seriously, could this all have taken any longer!!!! Finally, we should be able to set a travel date at the end of this week...HOPEFULLY!!!!! We are READY!!!! Dossier should be on its way back from Austin and to our agency. Then off Eastern Europe. It is really scary how close we are cutting it to the holidays. If we can just have a smooth ride from here on out, hopefully we can get her home before her region closes for the holidays!!! 
So I mentioned before setting up a Skymiles donation, well HERE IT IS!!!
Here's what to do:
1.  Go to this website:   
That link will take you to the Delta website, where you can transfer your skymiles to our account.
2.  You will need our skymiles number:  9205952733


    3. If you do not have a Delta Skymiles account, you can purchase

      miles for our account! To do that, go to this page:

4. PLUS...... Delta is having a special 100% promotion right now through the month of September. That means, If you purchase 2000 miles, they will match it 100%!!! So you will get 2000 miles for FREE!! So if you buy/gift us 2,000 miles, It will be doubled to 4,000 miles!

We need roughly 60,000-90,00 miles EACH to get there and back for 1 trip. We have 2 trips to make. Soooo, If you have any miles you could donate,transfer or "gift", we sure could use it. The plane tickets are the most expensive part of this whole process.

Again, Thank you everyone for ALL the donations and help/support. I'll update ASAP and keep the blog up daily!!! This is the EXCITING part!!! I did finally get around to updating my lil' Hopie's blog. Wow I've been behind!!!

As hard as this whole process is, it is so rewarding to see all my fellow bloggers coming home with their new additions. It keeps me hopeful, and so happy for them.
AND........ It rained today, not just rained STORMED!!!!! My "lightricity"(as my kids call it) even went out...for like an hour!!!I cannot tell you how much we needed that. We were getting close to having another "Baby Jessica" situation with some of the cracks goin on out in the field!!!!!

Here's to a good, no, GREAT week!!! :)

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  1. I haven't seen her yet. They kind of keep the doors shut. I have had the accidental chance of seeing a few kiddos. One boy with Ds. I will try to see if we can get a glance at her. Goodluck!!!