Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Soooo close!!!

We only need 300 more dollars and we will have all the money for this unexpected home study.

 6 years ago we bought an old 100 year old farm house. I loved it because it had so much character and history. I also wanted an old house that my husband and I could fix up together.

The kitchen was our major "project"  It was BAD. It used to be the back porch before there were "kitchens" and it was falling apart. It was old. It was cold in the winter and unbearable in the summer. I wish I could find the pictures of it. Anyway... I put up paneling over the walls one night. Then painted it a cheery color. We installed a new countertop and  a new sink. It was alot better. It was good. We lived with it for a long time, but it just wasnt cuttin it. It was small, and dark, and not insulated, and It just needed to be done right. So...We ripped down the walls and a small bathroon that was not usable that was attached to it and we rebuilt. We insulated it. Leveled it. Put in new flooring.

Then we hit a road block!  I had a baby 6 weeks early (Hope, my DS little girl)
I hated it, but it was kind of a blessing that she was in the NICU for a couple of weeks because that gave us time to hustle. It was December and cold. We didnt even have to ask, friends and family came to help. We had our walls up and dry-walled in no time. 

This adoption has been very similar to all of this. It has brought our family closer together, as have many things that have occured in our life. We are now doing our "kitchen" again. It sux having to do this secong home study, but atleast I can do it with peace of mind knowing that it will all be done right. We have had people come out of nowhere to help us quickly in our bind. My husband has worked hard and fast to come up with quick money and with nothing but faith and trust we have just about done it.

All we need is about 300.00 by tomorrow evening, and I know it will happen. 
We are sooo close!!!

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