Monday, July 11, 2011

Blind Faith

So I guess this year's birthday present will be...A new home study!!! Just what I always wanted! So turns out the ENTIRE home study has to be redone....from scratch! Which means, another full fee. $1100.00.  Im just goin off complete faith that I will have it by Thursday. This month I have paid mortgage, Health Insurance premium, Down Payment on a bigger SUV to fit Milana, none of which is under 1000.00,and a heap of other bills, plus the ones still due and the business bills.. so now...We get to come up with ANOTHER thousand.!!! Yay!!!!
Thank goodness we pay our tithing.

If anybody at all donates, even 5 dollars (which will add up!) please donate to the "donate" button on the right. The one that is NOT tax deductible. I found out that I do not have access to Milana's fund until AFTER we receive a travel date.

Im selling off livestock, mini horses, anything I can think of!!! Gary is hustling and we WILL make this happen! We couldn't ask for better friends either. Thank You so much!!!

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