Thursday, June 23, 2011

Road Block

The most irritating thing throughout this whole process is the paperwork....There should be one universal set of forms that everyone gets a copy of.  There are so many kids out there, special needs in particular that need homes and the process is so exhausting and sometimes just @#$%^& !!!!
We are trying to get to Milana b4 August due to the fact that our region's courts are closed in August. Visas are being processed, Home study done, compiling dossier...when BAM!!! Road block!!!
I sent our home study to be reviewed by our agency and got an email that day stating that they don't accept home studies by independent social workers. I have been through so much paperwork, I missed that sentence!!!
So my agency was willing to make an exception, and checked to see if Russia would, since she is special needs.........NOPE. That would be too easy.
So you can imagine my anxiety. I just cried. I know there is a reason everything happens. Maybe there is a reason I m not supposed to go to Russia the week that I was trying to go, I dunno. Sooooo, back to square one. Thank goodness Adoption Answers is willing to work with us. Hopefully they'll be able to update what my SW has already done and hopefully it won't break me.
Thank goodness I know without a doubt what I'm doing is right. You have to. You wouldnt make it through this process without total faith and persistence to keep going. That 1 little picture keeps me going everyday.
I'm sure it will all be over before I know it....I hope.


  1. So sorry. Hope it all comes together soon.

  2. your guys are all so close! hang in there, she will be here with you guys before you know it!