Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Everyday Humbled

When something out of the ordinary happens in our lives, often unexpected, sometimes "bad" it tends to humble us.  When we are humbled I believe that we are a little more in tune with what is really important. We can feel promptings a little easier and understand things a little better. Unfortunately the humility that we in our minds and hearts promise to not forget, slowly and quietly sneaks away leaving room for other feelings to take it's place. Sometimes pride, sometimes "knowledge" of things, or thinking YOU know what is best for you or others. It's sometimes hard to remember, almost impossible at times, the "humility" that we once felt, until it is handed to us again.
I am not always humble in every aspect of my life . No one is. However, I am so grateful for the birth of my daughter Hope. Her birth AND life is an everyday humbling experience. It has taught me to love so much more and so much deeper than I was capable of "before." It is amazing that our Heavenly Father blesses us with little miracle throughout our lives. I am so thankful that I recognize and appreciate the miracle that so blessed our family's life. My family and my heart and my capabilities have grown in ways that only those that have experienced the gift of DS first hand can understand.
 I feel indebted to my Heavenly Father for such an extraordinary love. I feel blessed that I get to feel humbled everyday of my life. This Earthly life is so short, though sometimes may feel long. The everyday challenges that seem so big, will one day be so very minute.  The worldly things and feelings will no longer matter. We take 2 things with us, our family and our knowledge. I am thankful for the new knowledge and experiences I get the opportunity to be a part of.  Im thankful for my Eternal Family which is ever expanding.  There is a little girl who we get to make a part of our forever family. One who sits alone, temporarily, waiting. She is so loved, even though I've never physically met her.
I don't think we were put on this Earth to always take the "easy" route. I have been blessed with patience and capability within the past year. There is no room for laziness, or idleness in our short journey here. That is a HARD one to remember and live by. I have been working on that one alot in the past year. It has blessed me. It has blessed my family. Hope has taught me to notice the little things in life. My eyes have been open to all sorts of new ventures I never thought possible. ALL this due to the gift of being Everyday Humbled.


  1. Yea! So happy to see another LDS family adopting through RR! I'll be following your journey. Best wishes for a smooth ride.

  2. I'm glad you found us!! Im headed to check out your blogs right now!!