Thursday, April 21, 2011


          We are really happy to be adopting from R****a. We are also REALLY lucky to live in the United States. IF we lived in R****a, I would have given birth to what THEY consider a "defective" child (Hope.)  They would have pushed me into putting the baby up for adoption, where her only hope for ever having a family would come from America or possibly Western Europe. That is IF a family can come up with the $30,000+ price tag they put on her. She would live in a crowded poor orphanage until she turned 4-6 years old, when they would take her away from the only home shes ever known (not that it was all that great) and put her in insane asylum/ mental institution. So many of these children are chained to there beds, and are forced to live scared and hopeless until they eventually die. Often they don't make it past the 1st year after being "institutionalized."
          I cannot wait to bring this little girl home and give her all the love and laughter that EVERY human being deserves-FOREVER! Im also very grateful for Reece's Rainbow  for helping these children find loving homes. My family is very blessed.

This picture is the LEAST heartbreaking of all the pictures I've seen. The orphanage has wrapped this sweet Down's baby up tightly so he/she can't move their arms. The institution pictures WILL break your heart. I try not to look at them. I wish I could help more.

I CANNOT imagine my sweet little girl EVER being treated less than a human. It breaks my heart!!!


  1. wishing you much success. Milana is beautiful and so lucky to be coming to you. I hope she and Hope will enjoy being sisters!

  2. Thanks so much Cindy! We are so excited and looking forward to bringing her home. I tell my kids goodnight, and tell them I love them and wonder if Milana has ever heard those words. Has she ever been tickled, or even hugged. Having Hope has changed my understanding of our life on Earth. I'm so grateful for that.

  3. Teresa, this is such a wonderful thing you are doing! I also feel heartbroken when seeing these type of orphanage pictures. Good luck with everything, and I can't wait to see you bringing her home!