Friday, April 22, 2011

Help us get Milana home!

Okay, so International adoption can be quite pricey. There are not too many people who can afford to hand  over $20,000-$40,000 cash upfront.  Those who make a commitment to adopt internationally find ways to fund/raise $ to aide with their adoption. There is a donation fund set up in our name via Reece's Rainbow that will help contribute to bringing our new baby home. All donations are 100% non-profit/charitable. (tax deductible)
Sometimes $20,000 seems so overwhelming,but... if you break it down, Its really not that impossible. If......

300 people donated $100.00 = $30,000

200 people donated $100.00 = $20,000

250 people donated $ 80.00  = Goal!

300 people donated $ 65.00 = Goal!

350 people donated $ 58.00 = Goal!

400 people donated $ 50.00 = Goal

500 people donated $ 40.00 = Goal!

 Milana's adoption could range anywhere from $ 20-30,000 dollars. Any money that is donated that goes OVER her final cost will go directly to the Reece's Rainbow Angel Fund to help another Down Syndrome / special needs child find a loving home.
Any donation helps bring our little one home to her new family. We have already contributed several thousand dollars, and will continue to contribute as much as we possibly can-until we make enough money to bring her home. I am currently working on another fundraiser and will let you know when I get it ready to go. We will keep this blog updated so you can track our progress and ask us any questions or comments you may have.
Thanks so much!!! We'll keep ya updated! Please check out to find out more information on these children. Our family thanks you!

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  1. So excited for you! Adoption is a walk of faith. Praying for your family.