Thursday, August 4, 2011


So a while back we needed 1100.00 in a matter of days, I didnt have it, but knew it would come.....and it did. We worked really hard, sold some livestock, friends donated and voila!!! We did it. We have some wonderful friends out there. Thank You so all of you.
Well we finally finished...Home study DONE!!! Our social worker has been amazing. So, we just finish up our dossier and we should be traveling SOON!!! I feel that there is a reason we had to wait to go. We are on Heavenly Father's timeline (which is perfect) Who am I to question that. It doesn't make it any easier when you want something so bad, but it will make it worth it.
We are going to do 1 more fundraiser, well I guess you'd call it a fundraiser. We are going to keep it ongoing until the end of the adoption.
I know monetary donations are not feasible for everyone. I know I have friends and family and just Ds adoption supporters that want to help, but are financially strapped.
Soooo, if anyone has any Delta Skymiles that they could spare, or would like to purchase some August and September are PERFECT months to do it. From Aug 1st to Sept 30 Skymiles is doing a 50% mileage Bonus!!!

Bonus Example:

Transfer Miles            50% Bonus                     Total Miles
Transfer Miles50% BonusTotal Miles

How do I donate or transfer miles? you might ask

It is simple...

Keep checking this blog and it will soon have a link and instructions to transfer miles...

Hopefully we'll have an August travel date....FINGERS CROSSED!!!


  1. That would be great if we could be there at the same time! How fun!

  2. I hope so!!!! I also hope ya'll get the 10 day waiting period waived!!!

  3. What's going on with y'all? I need an update!
    Oh, and the 10 day wait only gets waived for children in DESPERATE need of medical care. Found that out.